3 Day Preschool 5/21/18

Dear Families,

We hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day with your family!

Our last day of preschool will be on Wednesday, June 6, for both AM and PM classes. We will follow the regular time schedule.


Please remember to bring a of gallon water with your child’s snack. As the weather gets warmer the children are drinking more water.


We’re finished with the alphabet! Now we are going to have fun exploring word families. Our focus will be the “at” family!


The Students will be planting sunflower seeds! Preschoolers have been working on a book to learn about the parts of a Sunflower.


We are learning about Jesus’ teachings through stories from the Bible. This week we will listen to the story “Joseph and His Amazing Coat”.

End of Year Picnic

Mark your calendars! The Preschool End of Year Picnic will be held at Salmon Bay Park (2001 NW Canoe Pl, Seattle) on Thursday June 7, 2108 at 11:15am. Please join fellow students and Preschool teachers and bring a brown bag lunch to celebrate the start of summer break!

3 Day Preschool 4/30/18

Dear Parents,

On Tuesday we would like each preschooler to bring one flower (from your yard is great) to create a bouquet to place at the statue of Mary in our school courtyard.  We will also sing, MARY THE MOTHER OF JESUS, and say the Hail Mary.


This week we will focus on the letter and sound of the letter “Xx”. Enjoy the week!


This week we will honor Mary.  As the mother of God she is an example to all of us.  She loved and cared for Jesus in the same ways our mothers love and care for us. As our heavenly Mother she helps us to know God.


Save the date! May 11 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm in the preschool classroom #6


Our last full day of preschool this year will be Wednesday, June 6.  On Thursday, June 7, we will have our annual brown bag picnic. Time and Place to be determined.


3 Day Preschool 4/22/18

Dear Families,

We want to thank you for participating, volunteering and contributing to our annual school auction! This was another successful year!


This week we will focus on the letter and sound of “Ww”and create the puppet “Wacky Walrus”.


We will hear and discuss the story “Jesus Meets a Woman at the Well”. This story teaches us the importance of being kind to people different from us.


We will learn about showing respect to one another and celebrating our differences!


In honor of EARTH DAY we will read the stories MISS RUMPHIUS and BOB AND OTTO.

Miss Rumphius teaches us that it is important to make the world a better place in some way. In

the story BOB AND OTTO children will learn how worms help our plants grow well…creating tunnels that allow air and water to get to the roots of plants.

Last week we read MISTER SEAHORSE by Eric Carle. We will continue to learn about these interesting creatures, seahorses, and we will create a seahorse in Eric Carle fashion!


3 Day Preschool 4/16/18

Dear Parents,

We had a great week back at preschool! We are working hard as we head towards the end of the year.

Important: Please send 1 gallon of water on your snack day.

Language Arts:

This week we will focus on the sound of Vv and will create “Vam Vampire”.


Our butterflies hatched! The children had a wonderful time in our school garden letting them fly away!

We will also learn about the parts of a plant and do an experiment on how plants absorb water using celery and food coloring.



The children will  experience “The Breakfast On The Beach” story and how Jesus reminds us of his power, love and forgiveness.

Auction News:

A reminder that the preschool will have an ice-cream and movie party! You can sign up online!



3 Day Preschool 3/12/18

Dear Families,

Our preschoolers are working hard every day. They have grown so much and continue to be curious about letters, numbers , and writing!

We have preschoolers at many different levels of learning who through their daily work and play teach each other. We are very proud of their accomplishments.


The children will listen and discuss the story of the life of Saint Patrick



We will have a Special Visitor’s Day for all preschool classes. Each preschooler may invite one or two special people to class to make a craft and enjoy refreshments.

Below are the class visitor schedules:

Mrs. Castillo’s 3 day Part-time class—Wednesday, March 21st  at 10:15.

Quigley AM class — Thursday, March 22nd at 10:15.

Quigley PM class—Thursday, March 22nd at 12:15.


Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!