3 Day Preschool 5/14/2020

Hello here’s your lesson!

What Is Responsibility?

Ta k i n g  c a r e  o f  y o u r  p r o p e r t y ,  y o u r s e l f ,  a n d  o t h e r s .

Preschoolers can learn to be responsible for:

  1. Their own actions
  2. Other’s feelings
  3. Their things
  4. The chores their family gives them
  5. Their Pets
  6. Their community
  7. The earth 🙂

What are ways you can show responsibility?

  1.  Complete your chores on time without being reminded.
  2. Accept responsibility for your mistakes and learn from them. Don’t make excuses or blame others.
  3. Take care of your things and those of other people. Return items you borrow.
  4. Find out what needs to be done and do it! Like a super hero!
  5. Make wise choices, such as choosing to eat healthy foods and wearing a helmet.
  6. Always do your very best. Small or big… others are counting on you!

Awesome article for parents!


*****For the rest of the day

Language Arts

(20 minutes)

This Monday our letter of the week is X. This will be a bit different because so few words begin with it. So this week we will focus on words that end with X. Fox, box, mix,relax to name a few. Think of other words with X in them. To decorate X I have cut small pieces of paper to make little boxes to glue on. You will see it in the picture I’ve sent. I thought the children might like to do a fox craft. There are photos that show the parts and the completed fox. A head band can be glued or stapled to it if they would like to wear it.


(20 minutes)

For math this week I cut 20 circles of brown paper and marked dots 1-20 on them to represent chocolate chip cookies. I wrote numbers on 20 cupcake cups. Lay the cups and “cookies” out. Your child can count the chips on each cookie and place in the cup with the number that matches.Do fewer or more depending   on your child’s number sense. If you cut more “cookies” they can count (example 10 cookies in #10 cup. It’s all about counting and having fun doing it.



******* Thank you to those of you who have given me the April and May memory book pages. There is still time if you haven’t gotten to it yet. My address is 6749 6th Ave N W , 98117. There is a box on my front porch to drop off. Feel free to email or text me if you have questions. 206-371-6749. Have a great week!  Love, Mrs. White



Have your child choose from any of the following type activities to explore and create:

Legos, Blocks, Puzzles, Games, Coloring, Drawing, Cutting, Painting, Playdough, ETC.



Say Snack Prayer:

Dear Jesus we thank you for the food we are about

to receive. We thank you especially for my family

for providing it.

Eat snack, clean up!

  1. Play outside, run races, jump, climb.  Enjoy any large motor activity OR use one of the links below:





Find two books at home to read to/with your child or use the resource listed below to hear a book read online.


We are always available for questions.  Please text or call at:

Mrs. Castillo 360-473-9694

Mrs. Frazee 425-761-4852

Mrs. White 206-371-6749

More fun resources:

Great Website!

Leter X – X-Ray Theme for Tot School and Preschool




Type: Montessori Sensorial activities at home

Practical life activities

Montessori Cultural activities

Montessori Cosmic activities


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Responsibility 😎

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