3 Day Preschool 11/12/19

Dear Families,

It was so lovely to meet with you last week.  It’s fun getting to know everyone and learning more about your delightful children.  Thanks for your support.

We are very busy in preschool, as “the holidays” have begun.

We are learning new songs and poems, reading Thanksgiving stories and making Thanksgiving art and crafts.


The children will hear the story of the Good Samaritan. They will discuss ways to show love to others. They will identify others as neighbors and describe ways to help.


The classes of St. John’s school will continue to collect food for the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank, which is located in Quigley.  Please send in non-perishable items for our neighbors in need.


Please remember to donate items  for the Homeless Project that the 4th graders have organized.

Requested Items:

  • Socks, gloves, hats for adults and children (small enough to fit in gallon Ziploc bags)
  • Individually packaged food items such as granola bars, crackers, tuna packs, instant oatmeal, fruit leather
  • Gently used, or new, children’s books (small enough to fit in gallon Ziploc bags)
  • Hand wipes (travel size – no liquid hand sanitizer, please)
  • Soap, shampoo, deodorant (travel size)
  • Individual tissue packets
  • Cough drops
  • Lip balm
  • Maxi pads (no tampons, please)
  • Hand warmers
  • Tea bags (individually packaged)
  • Plastic utensils
  • Gallon Ziploc bags
  • $5 denomination gift cards (McDonald’s, Fred Meyer, Starbucks, etc.)
  • Cash donations are always welcome!  100% of cash and checks (made out to St. John School) will be used to purchase additional goods.

We are collecting goods thru November 15. Thank you for your support!



No school on November 27th, 28th and 29th for the Thanksgiving Holiday

3 Day Preschool 11/4/2019

Dear Families,

Happy November! The preschool had such a great time celebrating Halloween! We started our day going to the library where Mrs. Longton read great Halloween stories! Then, we went on a halloween parade through the middle school classrooms! The preschoolers brought so much joy to these hard working kids! After our parade and cute Halloween crafts, we ended our day with chocolate cupcakes! Thank you parents for all your support!

Click here to watch a video of the kids!


This week we will finish learning about the letter and sound of Ff and make an Ff sound craft using feathers!


Last week we learned about “All Saints Day”. We talked about what a Saint is and how they teach us to be like Jesus. This week we will read the lesson of the Prodigal Son. We will discuss forgiveness and learn whenever we make mistakes that God lovingly forgives us.


 This week we will teach the children the meaning of the word Empathy.

Empathy can motivate children to respond to different situations in a caring way.

A good way to review this lesson at home is during story time or while watching a movie. Ask “How is the character feeling?”, talk about it.


November Scholastic book order forms will be sent home on November 4th. Please turn your orders online in by Thursday, November 7th, as it is a short week.


We will continue collecting food for the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank. Please send in non-perishable items for our neighbors in need.  Thank you for your support!



The children will be learning to sing “TURKEY TIME” this time of year. Below are the lyrics:

Turkey time, pumpkin pie.

Frosty weather in the sky.

Families gather round

For Thanksgiving Day.

On that first Thanksgiving Day,

The Indians brought the meat.

The Pilgrims brought the vegetables,

And they all sat down to eat.

(Repeat: Turkey time, pumpkin pie…)

Each year on this day of thanks,

The people that we love,

Gather round to thank the Lord,

For blessings from above.

(Repeat:  Turkey time, pumpkin pie…)


No school on November 8th and 11th.

No school on November 27th, 28th and 29th for the Thanksgiving Holiday

3 Day Preschool 10/21/19

Dear Parents,

This week we will be assessing your children on their numbers, letters, and other basic concepts in order to prepare for our conferences. Please make sure you signed up for a time to meet.

Language Arts

This week we will learn the letter “Ff” and create a craft with Feathers.


The children will learn the story of Noah’s Ark. We will discuss ways we can love God like Noah and explain that God keeps his promises. The children will also learn the meaning of the rainbow!


The 3 Day preschool class will be celebrating Halloween on October 30th. The children may wear simple and comfortable costumes to school on this day. There will be a carnival in the gym on Thursday, October 31 from 1:00 – 1:45, All preschoolers are invited to attend the carnival with a parent/caregiver that afternoon. 


  • PICTURE DAY is TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22nd. Please turn in your order forms if you would like to order photos.
  • Halloween Carnival is Thursday, October 31st, from 1-1:45 in the gym.              
  • There will be NO PRESCHOOL classes Monday, October 28th and Friday, November 8th, due to conferences.
  • 9 AM Late start on Tuesday, October 29.
  • Thanksgiving break is November 27st – November 29th.
  • FOOD DRIVE! Please consider donating canned and non-perishable food items to support our St. Vincent de Paul pantry. You can drop the items off in preschool.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you!

Mrs. Castillo

3 Day Preschool 10/14/2019


Dear Families,

I want to thank the parents for coming with us to our leaf walk. We created little placemats with the leaves we collected. Have the children put their dinner plate on these placemats tonight. We had a wonderful experience! Thank you for your support!

 Monday: Fall Walk and Craft

We will also introduce the sound of the letter E and glue on eggshells on the letter Ee

Tuesday: Religion

We will learn the story of Creation. We will learn what God created on each of the seven days.

Wednesday: Library and Second Step

Unit 3: Empathy

Children will learn how to recognize and name strong feelings like anger or feeling frustrated. They will also learn ways to calm down, and how to communicate these feelings.



 Preschool Conferences

The link to sign up for conferences is now available. Please be sure and sign up as soon as possible. Thank you.


The AM and PM preschool class will be celebrating Halloween on Thursday, October 31st. On this day, the middle school classes will be hosting a Halloween carnival from 1-1:45pm in our school gym. The children may wear simple and comfortable costumes to school. Please be sure costumes are easy enough for the children to take care of at restroom time on their own. Also, please no pretend weapons or any kind of accessories. Thank you! All AM children are invited to attend the carnival with a parent or other adult that afternoon. More information will follow.

3 Day Preschool 10/7/19


Dear Families,

We had another successful week in Preschool! Lots of playing and learning!

We look forward to our Nature Walk on Monday, October 14th in the neighborhood! Permission slips have gone home. Please return these no later than Wednesday, October 9th. Children will not be able to walk without a slip.  We will complete a nature craft following the walk. Remember to dress according to the weather. We will go rain or shine!

As a general reminder, please practice sounds a, b, and c, with your children. Make it fun! Look for objects that begin with a certain sound, or play a game of “I spy.” Count how many words you come up with. Practice counting too!

 Parent-Teacher Conferences

We are looking forward to the Parent Teacher Conferences on Oct 28th and November 8th. More information on signing up will follow soon. Getting to know you helps us know your child better! We want all to sign up. More information will follow soon.


This week we will learn the sound “Dd” and will make a sound craft.


Saturday, Oct. 5 was the Blessing of the Animals at Church.  In addition we will learn about the life of Saint Francis and his love of everything God made.  He called all of God’s creatures his brothers and sisters.


Dear Jesus we thank you for the food we are about to receive,

We thank you especially for  (Student name) and his/her family for providing it.


  • Please notify preschool when your child will be absent due to illness or a planned absence. You must also notify the main school office either by calling, 206-783-0337 or reporting the absence online.
  • Book orders are due Monday, October 7th.

 Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

 Your Preschool Staff