3 Day Preschool 10/7/19


Dear Families,

We had another successful week in Preschool! Lots of playing and learning!

We look forward to our Nature Walk on Monday, October 14th in the neighborhood! Permission slips have gone home. Please return these no later than Wednesday, October 9th. Children will not be able to walk without a slip.  We will complete a nature craft following the walk. Remember to dress according to the weather. We will go rain or shine!

As a general reminder, please practice sounds a, b, and c, with your children. Make it fun! Look for objects that begin with a certain sound, or play a game of “I spy.” Count how many words you come up with. Practice counting too!

 Parent-Teacher Conferences

We are looking forward to the Parent Teacher Conferences on Oct 28th and November 8th. More information on signing up will follow soon. Getting to know you helps us know your child better! We want all to sign up. More information will follow soon.


This week we will learn the sound “Dd” and will make a sound craft.


Saturday, Oct. 5 was the Blessing of the Animals at Church.  In addition we will learn about the life of Saint Francis and his love of everything God made.  He called all of God’s creatures his brothers and sisters.


Dear Jesus we thank you for the food we are about to receive,

We thank you especially for  (Student name) and his/her family for providing it.


  • Please notify preschool when your child will be absent due to illness or a planned absence. You must also notify the main school office either by calling, 206-783-0337 or reporting the absence online.
  • Book orders are due Monday, October 7th.

 Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

 Your Preschool Staff

3 Day Preschool 9/30/2019


Dear Parents,

We had a very busy week filled with learning and developing many new skills! Some of the Montessori goals are to teach independence, responsibility, and team work. In order to achieve these goals it is necessary for us to provide opportunities for the children at school and at home, like cleaning up after playing with their toys, helping set the table, feeding their pet at home, helping with simple chores, or making them responsible for hanging their coat. We are really proud on how well the students are progressing each day!

The scholastic book order form will be coming home this week. To order, go to https://orders.scholastic.com. Under the parent tab, use the activation code: W9DQ2 to set up your account. Oct. 7th will be the last day to submit your order.


This week the children will focus on the sound of “Cc” and create a sound craft using cotton.


This week we will learn about Jesus and the symbol of the Cross and will go on a tour to the church.


Unit 1.

In order to learn empathy the children will learn how to recognize and name feelings by observing body language and face expressions in others.

A good activity at home is cutting out faces from magazines and creating their own feelings book. Learning to talk about their feelings is a very important skill that will help them develop socially.


  • Tuesday, Oct. 1st – Safe Environment Training, Egan Hall 6:30pm – 9:00pm – If you intend to volunteer for the school or parish this is a requirement! Thank you!
  • Friday, October 4th Parent Association Meeting – 8:30 am in the Administration Building. All are welcome to attend.
  • Sunday, October 6th Endowment Dinner
  • Friday, October 11thNO SCHOOL Teacher In-Service Day
  • Preschool will be taking a Fall walk in the neighborhood in October. More information and a permission slip will follow soon!

Please reach out with any questions or concerns! Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. Castillo

3 Day Preschool 9/22/2019

Dear Parents,

I want to thank the parents who participated in the Jog-a-thon! Thank you for your wonderful support!

We are trying to teach the children to be independent, by having them do things on their own. Please continue to support our teachings and home by giving your child simple tasks or chores like helping set the table or by cleaning up their toys when they are done playing with them.

We also have been enjoying Mrs. Longton’s stories in the Library every Wednesday at 8:45 am.

This coming week we will focus on the following skills:


We will learn the sound of the letter Bb and glue on buttons on the letter Bb.


B is for Baptism. We will learn all about becoming part of Jesus’ family.


We will learn about the life cycle of an apple.


This week we will learn how to work with the metal insets. These are metal geometric shapes the children can play/work with. They can match the shapes or use the metal shapes for tracing and making a shape book.



This is in case your child has an accident or spills.  Send back extra clothes quickly if your child has anaccident.  Please avoid using belts when possible to hold up pants…it can be tricky when they need to use the toilet quickly.


Our birthdays are very special. It becomes a true ceremony and it goes like this:

A candle, representing the sun, is lit in the middle of the room.  Labels with each month of the year are laid out in a circle radiating out from the “sun.” The children and teachers sit in a wide circle around the sun and months of the year, while the birthday child stands next to the month of his or her birth holding a globe to represent the Earth.  The child then walks around the sun one time for each year of his or her life.  As the child walks, the teacher talks about what the child was doing when he or she was that age. Parents usually write a sentence or two or send in pictures of the child. At the end the child may blow out the candle and the class sings “Happy Birthday”.

It really is a lovely ceremony.


In order to volunteer at St. John, you must complete a “Safe Environment Training” class.  This class will be held on October 1stat 6:30pm in Egan Hall. Please contact the parish office with questions.


This dinner helps support our school endowment fund. This year it is being held at Cortina Restaurant from 5pm -9pm. It is sure to be a fun filled evening! Please check the St. John School website for more information.


Mrs. Castillo

3 Day Preschool 9/16/2019

Dear Families,

We made it through our first week of school! The students were so happy and did a great job at following directions. This week we will continue to review our classroom rules, learning to clean up our toys and sharing with others.

Classroom Rules:


We will learn the sound of the letter Aa and will glue on Apple Jacks on the letter A


The children will learn about the importance of following directions in school, how to make friends, and being kind to one another.


This week we will learn about our school theme, “Be Kind.” We will talk about God’s love for us and discuss how we can practice love, kindness and good deeds towards others.


We will explore the differences and similarities in various types of apples, and will do a simple lesson with graphing.


If you haven’t yet done so, please bring in a labeled zip lock bag with a set of extra clothes as soon as possible. This is in case your child has an accident or spills.  Please avoid using belts when possible to hold up It can be tricky when they need to use the toilet quickly.

Please send in your child’s Comfort Kit. This is for an emergency and should only include: A small flashlight, a warm hat, an extra pair of socks, a small container of wipes, and a letter with a picture to comfort your child.



A Snack Calendar will be sent home next week. If the date you are assigned does not work for you, please trade dates with another family.

Each child will bring snack for 3 days for 14 students. No juice or water is needed. Preschool will provide this for the children.

Please send healthy snacks. Suggestions include:

Fruits and Veggies. Please be sure these are washed and cut at home.

Fruit leather

Crackers—Graham, Goldfish, Ritz, Wheat Thins

Cheese—String, cheese slices

Yogurt/Applesauce—squeezable only

Mini muffins, granola bars, rice crispy treats



Our Jog-a-thon will be next Friday, September 20th. On this day you may come to run with your child or to just support our students and cheer!

Times for the preschool:

AM Classes, both 3 Day and 5 Day preschoolers will run from 10:00 to 10:30 am

This is a RAIN OR SHINE event, and one of our biggest fundraisers. Your participation is very much appreciated!


Please do not park in the yellow zone of 79th St. during AM drop-off and PM pick-up.

Please share this request with your nannies, grandparents, etc.

This is especially important between 8:00am-8:30am and 2:45pm-3:15pm. Thank you so much!


In order to volunteer at St. John, you must complete a “Safe Environment Training” class.  This class will be held on October 1stat 6:30pm in Egan Hall. Please contact the parish office with questions.

We thank you for your support! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Have a wonderful weekend!


Vanessa Castillo


Welcome Students 2019-2020!


Welcome to all of our preschool families! We hope you had an enjoyable summer! We are excited to meet you and your children and we are looking forward to an exciting year.

We also want to welcome our new assistant Miss Angel Yutoc to the 3 Day preschool. She comes from The Philippines with 15 + years of experience as an early childhood educator.

 At the Beginning

The first few days or weeks can be a big change for your children. Adjusting to new teachers, classmates, and the new environment takes time. Separating from mom or dad can be difficult. Some children separate easily and others may resist or cry. These are normal behaviors for this age. For this reason we need you to make your goodbye short and sweet. If your child is upset we will take them at the door and comfort them until they are ready to join the rest of the group. Once your child gets involved in their day, anxiety subsides and there are lots of smiles.


Our door to opens at 8:15 am for arrival.

We will assist the students in hanging up their coat and finding an activity when they arrive in the morning. As soon as the children arrive to the preschool they immediately begin socializing and engaging in many activities with their teachers and classmates. When you are on time you do not interrupt children learning. This is why we want to emphasize the importance of having your children to preschool on time. We open at 8:15 and want everyone present by 8:25 for our Calendar and important morning routines, lessons, and activities. 


Please be prompt to pick up your preschooler. They are ready to be dismissed at 11:15 AM. Please wait on the playground side of the fence to avoid blocking the sidewalk in front of the preschool.


We celebrate birthdays in a very special way. To prepare for this activity please create a poster with photos that explain the different stages in your child’s life and a photo of his family. You may also bring cupcakes or cookies to share!


Rugged Clothing/Toys

Please dress your children in rugged clothing. Sturdy soled shoes are the safest and most preferred for preschool. NO jewelry, FLIPFLOPS, CROCS, OR SHOES WITH HEELS, PLEASE. As per the parent handbook, socks must be worn everyday. We go outside everyday so please send your child with the appropriate outside gear according to the weather.

Boots, jackets, sweaters, lunchboxes and backpacks should be labeled to prevent loss. If your child will be attending day care in the afternoons, please drop off all backpacks, lunch boxes, and naptime aids in XDC. We ask that children do not bring toys, stickers or valuable items from home to class.

 Change of Clothes

On the first day of school, please send your children with a complete change of clothes in a large ziplock bag labeled with their name in case of an accident. Please include underwear, socks, a shirt, and pants (preferably sweatpants or leggings.) It is helpful to send clothes that are appropriate for any time of the year. When wet or soiled clothes are sent home, please replace them in a new ziplock bag the next day. Please label each item of clothing and the bag, and we will keep these all year.


St. John School has a new website URL: http://st-johnschool.org/.

My email is vcastillo@st-johnschool.org

Our preschool newsletter, “The Preschool Press”, will be posted online to keep you informed. Be sure to check the school website for important dates, activities, and to read the “News Views” (weekly, all school newsletter). IF YOU PREFER A HARD COPY OF THE PRESCHOOL PRESS PLEASE LET ME KNOW. You may email me at any time with questions, concerns or to set up a conference. For emergencies or to notify an absence please contact the office at 206-783-0337.

If your children attend daycare; all projects, letters, and important information will be placed in a file box and will be available for you to collect daily at XDC at pick up time. Children being picked up at the preschool need to take home the paperwork from their cubbies daily as well. Have your child bring a backpack or small tote bag for this purpose.


Our school earns approximately $65,000 from Scrip each year. It is easy to use scrip as there are many merchants who participate in the program. Please take a minute to learn more about Scrip and how you can support St. John School in this convenient way. You may ask the office for more information.

Preschool Snacks

Our snack calendar and snack suggestion list will follow in a couple of days. Please be aware to check for products made with nuts or in a factory that may have other products made with nuts. We cannot serve these.

 Earthquake/Disaster Comfort Kits

These will be necessary for all preschool students.

In addition to basic earthquake/disaster supplies at St. John School, the children are required to have a comfort kit that will be kept in the classroom. This kit is designed to calm your children and keep them comfortable while waiting to be picked up. Due to space constraints only the following items are to be included in the comfort kit (no deviations please):

Small working flashlight (please put the batteries loose in the bag)

Stocking cap

Small package of Wet Wipes

One or two photos not larger than 4×6

One page letter to your child to comfort him/her while awaiting your arrival

One pair of tube socks

One small plastic drinking cup 5 or 6 ounce size

Place all items in a one-gallon zip lock bag labeled with your student’s name. Your student should bring this kit on the first day and give it to the teacher.

Looking foward to teaching your children!


Mrs. Castillo